The Nelsen Steel Company has been supplying cold drawn steel bar products to the firearms industry for over 30 years. Nelsen Steel starts with GQ, GBQ, & SBQ hot rolled bars, and processes these bars using proprietary die designs, engineered draw practices, special furnace treatments, and enhanced, non-destructive testing. The result is a quality cold drawn steel bar product with excellent straightness, accurate dimensional characteristics, and machinability to keep your machines productive. In addition to supplying a quality product Nelsen Steel retains two metallurgical engineers on staff dedicated to providing the necessary technical support for demanding firearm applications and to assist in developing tailor made products for customized applications.


Typical Products


  • AISI 1137, 4130, 8620, & 9310 cold drawn bar
  • AISI 1137, 4130, 4140, 4150, & 9310 LP Annealed cold drawn bar.

  • AISI 4140 & 4150 Quenched & Tempered cold drawn bar



Shapes & Size Range

Rounds .313" – 4.500"
Hexagons 0.375" - 2.500"
Squares By inquiry
Special Shapes By inquiry


Typical Applications

  • Rifle & Shotgun barrels
  • Bolt action rifle receivers
  • Bolt action rifle breech bolts
  • AR bolts & bolt carriers
  • AR gas keys

Nelsen Steel regularly produces products to meet industry, proprietary, and MIL-spec requirements.


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